How are you different from our current managed print services provider?
Big question! With a very long answer, give us a call for the full description. But here we’ll say we DO NOT require contracts, do not charge on a per page basis, up front. Hence, our service is true pay as you go, and totally transparent. Because of how our system is set up, you receive benefits (value) none of our competitors provide. Please see our Control Center. All of this comes at better price than what you’re paying now. Otherwise why would you switch?

How hard is it to adopt MYLP as managed print services provider?
Easy, we install a simple program, done. We may ask you for specific printer information that only you know, but that’s it.

Is MYLP’s application secure?
The technology we install is an industry standard that has been around and widely used for over 15 years. We will gladly provide you with the security white paper to address your concerns.

What are the set up costs?
Zero. MYLP does not charge for system installation and setup.

Technology costs?
Zero. The application that drives MYLP’s printer management service is included at no additional charge.

If I choose to discontinue MYLP’s Managed Print Service, what is required?
Since MYLP does not require contracts, you may simply delete the technology and the bookmark of our webpage. If discontinuing the service is due to a specific issue, we’d like to know, so we can rectify the situation and continue providing the substantial benefits of our service.

Wait, how does this relationship work?
Suburban Chicago based MYLP has built a comprehensive support system that does not require contracts. When customers purchase toner, they receive free service calls. Because of the design of the system, we know how far along you are to achieving your 100% discount on service. An average of 2 toners per printer get you there. We keep track on a rolling 6 month time frame (to make it easier to get to and maintain your discount level.)

What do you mean by FREE service calls? Are there any hidden costs or additional charges?*
We mean that when you achieve the 100% discount, the service call is FREE. Labor, parts, travel, freight, anything you can think of, FREE. MYLP is a very different managed print services provider.

*There are a few exclusions.

What about parts? Are parts free?
Yes, parts are free. This is another way MYLP sets itself apart from the competition. When we say FREE, we mean FREE!

What parts are excluded in a FREE service call?
This program is designed and priced to cover mechanical problems. Therefore – circuit boards like motherboards and formatters are not covered. Also paper trays and toner covers are not covered. They are not mechanical and usually sustain damage through abuse. Color printer consumable parts are also not covered (fuser kits and transfer belts.)

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