MYLP Managed Print Services for Education and Non-Profits

managed print services for education and non-profits

In the worlds of Education and Non-Profit, teammates are not employees—they are heroes on a mission to serve—and managers and executive directors had better understand that and provide appropriate support.

Support is a primary reason why MYLP is the logical choice for managed print services for education and non-profits. Everything MYLP does is geared to proactively address problems—BEFORE they become disruptive crises that distract people from your organization’s core mission.

As well as support, transparent pricing and dramatic savings confirm that MYLP is the way to go. For organizations in the fields of Education and Non-Profit, resources are critical. Every penny should serve the mission, whether it is educating future leaders or making the world a better place. MYLP provides the most robust support services at the best price. It’s called VALUE.

All of our customers save money.

We can all agree that next to generating top line revenue, reducing expenses is a top concern of just about every organization. Managed print services for education and non-profits is the best way to deal with this concern. 

All of our customers save money*. As Vincent Vega says in ‘Pulp Fiction’, “That’s a bold statement!” And it is one that we’re not shy about making.

MYLP’s MPS model was developed to actually deliver on the promises of savings and increased productivity that our competitors fail to deliver. How? MYLP’s unique and advanced systems give us significant operational and overhead-cost-structure advantages—advantages that are passed on to you in the form of lower prices. Considering that on average every dollar of OP expenses saved equates to $10 of sales dollars preserved, why not act on all savings opportunities? Want to know more? Give us a call and we’ll fill you in.

*Full disclosure: If our mutual evaluation process determines that MYLP cannot save you money and you are not excited by other aspects of our value proposition, we’ll graciously excuse ourselves.

MYLP encourages prospects to compare our pricing and services with the competition. If a deal can’t be beat, we’ll admit it—though we rarely have to. Whether or not you become an MYLP client, you’ll leave educated on how to effectively handle the cost-per-print contracts and leasing agreements of other “MPS” vendors. 

Please click HERE to request a no-obligation Customer Contract Evaluation from MYLP.

A little bit about MYLP competitors, and then let’s never speak of them again. 

All other companies that occupy the MPS space offer services that are designed around their own accounting and operating procedures. This means they are making you do the work for them. At MYLP, our operating systems are built around you. We do your work FOR you…the way it should be. Don’t underestimate how much cost and aggravation this saves you.

“Bringing in MYLP’s service solved a pain point we didn’t even know we had!” — Director of IT, Lou Malnati’s Pizza

And the cost-per-print contracts…don’t get us started on CPP contracts! Every month, our competitors want to bill you for thousands and thousands of printed pages. Complicated! And, it’s your job to verify that those pages are accurately counted—A big, expensive job! Not a job that I would want, or have to pay for. Think about it.

Okay, let’s get back to it.

MYLP has long-term clients without long-term contracts? What’s the secret?

We believe that the best working relationships are ones that people choose to be in on a daily basis. Therefore, it would go against everything we stand for to require long-term contracts from our clients.

Instead, and because of the unique design of our services, we have a system set up that lets us both know how we are doing in the relationship—on a daily basis. If you are 100% committed to sourcing your equipment’s supplies from us, we’re 100% committed to providing top quality, on-site repair services 100% free of charge.

MYLP does NOT bill on a cost-per-page basis. 
This managed print service for education benefit saves your A/P department from the difficult, low value and thankless task of auditing page counts. 

NO, and we mean NO long-term contracts!
Also, being free from long-term, Cost-Per-Print contracts, MYLP keeps you from feeling the pain of paying for products and services that are never even delivered (how our competitors hope to achieve extra profit margin.) Because of that system, a whole selection of other FREE benefits available only from MYLP, are yours to enjoy as well, such as:

Plus! Ordering info is baked into the MYLP system 
The responsibilities of many can be carried by one, or none if the system is set to Autopilot. MYLP’s Control Center provides visibility to ensure that the appropriate resources are deployed to the right areas. This is a unique benefit of manged print services for education and non-profits from MYLP.

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