Managing printer fleets is a HASSLE!
Manage Your Laser Printers is SIMPLE!

We are radically different than the other guys—and that’s a good thing. For years, the whole office printing machine industry has been driving toward long term, hard to grasp Managed Print Services (or Cost-Per-Print) contracts…because it’s better for them. We don’t do those. The mission of MYLP is to provide all of the power, support and benefits of the best MPS program, with NO MPS contract. The product of our hard work is a simple online tool, accessed and utilized through your preferred web browser, anytime, anywhere you can connect to the Internet. The MYLP tool empowers one person to effectively manage a national operation—as a part-time responsibility.

“Bringing in MYLP’s service solved a pain point we didn’t even know we had!”
– Director of IT, Lou Malnati’s Pizza

Here is how it works!


Purchase toner products from MYLP. They will cost less and be of higher quality than what you are doing now—or don’t do business with us. It’s your call.
There are NO CONTRACTS and NO UPFRONT FINANCIAL COMMITMENTS. We don’t run assessments. We don’t draft contracts that need to be painstakingly reviewed by “legal.” We do all of the work of setting up your Control Center. Then you begin when you want to begin—by making your first toner cartridge purchase.


To facilitate # 1, MYLP constructs, at no expense to you in either time or money, your custom online Control Center that details all of your equipment across all of your locations.
As illustrated in the screen shots below, once logged in to the MYLP tool, users discover a comprehensive list of all equipment in the network and each device’s core, basic information displayed clearly and simply. Need more information about a device, or need to request service or order supplies? Simply click the respective buttons.


Then we help you out by telling you when action is required—You don’t have to remember to check your Control Center.
All of the work is done for you, there is never an error and service calls are FREE!


Start when you want. Stop when you want. Because there are NO CONTRACTS.
Make smart management decisions, using MYLP’s built-in filters to sort, manage your account, manage users and collect in-depth data that will finally deliver on the MPS promises of savings and efficiency that you have heard over and over from other providers.


Scroll down to view several screen shots that illustrate the easy access,
detailed information and quick ordering functionality.

Login to view the status of all of your printers, and click to request service or order supplies.

manage your laser printers

Need more information about a particular device? Just click the tool icon to find IP Addresses, toner levels and page count. The MYLP system also allows users to add custom information.

manage your laser printers

Something broken? (It happens!) Easily request printer repair service.

manage your laser printers

Have toner level anxiety? Ordering supplies from MYLP is easy. Just enter the desired quantity and click Update!

manage your laser printers

Want to learn more or, better yet, begin a contract-free business relationship with MYLP? Contact us at 1-800-603-7037 today to get started. You may also visit the FAQ page for answers to the most common questions and the Case Studies page to see how MYLP has helped businesses like your own.


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