Why MYLP Managed Print Services?

MYLP Manage Your Laser Printers. No Contracts.

MYLP is a suburban Chicago based comprehensive, “managed print services” provider that does not require contracts and delivers real-time, remote management of printer fleets for businesses, professional services firms and education and non-profits with networks and devices located at single or multiple locations. MYLP’s proprietary technology optimizes the usage of your printing and ‘multi-function’ devices so that you maximize device efficiency, increase co-worker productivity and satisfaction, and reduce breakdowns and outages.

The design of MYLP’s method of delivering MPS provides significant benefits on multiple levels and to a variety of stakeholders. It is built on principles of complete transparency, putting the customer first, and proactively preventing downtime. MYLP is the only provider that collects your print data for the purpose of providing real MPS benefits. Our competitors collect it to make invoicing you easier for them.

MYLP saves money and cures printer pain FOR you by:

Benefits of MYLP Include: 

MYLP delivers on the ideal reasons to adopt a management program better than anyone else, and for significantly less money.

The ideal “why to adopt an MPS program” is to achieve significant benefits for your organization, including a more functionally and financially efficient print operation, and more productive employees. To actually accomplish this you need a system that starts with you. MYLP collects your individual printer data and then builds our operating systems back to us.

MYLP is the ONLY MPS provider organized this way. “So what?” you may say? Because MYLP is built this way…

Visit other MPS providers’ websites and you will find language designed to get you into a 3 to 5 year, hard to break contract, with minimum billing amounts, annual price increases and an opaque, hard to understand, billed up-front, complicated invoicing scheme so hard to verify you’ll stop trying and end up paying for products and services that are never delivered.

Consider our innovative approach. Talk to our happy customers. You will agree that MYLP is really the only way to go.

MYLP is committed to keeping end-users happy, providing substantial savings without contracts.

Contact MYLP today if you:

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