MYLP Printer Support System Description

MYLP provides a comprehensive printer support system for business laser printer equipment. It is similar to a Cost Per Print service contract, but a contract is NOT required and our support services are far broader and more proactive in nature. The customer simply purchases toner cartridges—at MYLP competitive prices—and receives support services for free.

MYLP System Benefits

MYLP Printer Support SystemSave Money
EVERY MYLP CUSTOMER SAVES MONEY. Savings of 50% or more compared to a customer’s current printer management solution are not unheard of. Ask us how we do it.

MYLP Printer Support SystemNo Contract. Total Control.
MYLP’s proprietary system is designed to eliminate the need for contracts and afford customers complete control over the every aspect of the MYLP-client relationship.

MYLP Printer Support SystemRepair Service Discounts
Full service coverage is achieved with the average purchase of 2 toner cartridges per printer per year* and yields a 100% discount on repair service calls. Customers that reach half-way to the target receive a 50% discount.

MYLP Printer Support SystemFree Service Calls
When customers hit their toner purchasing targets, they get free, on-site repair** service calls. No more agonizing over the next move when a printer stops working.

MYLP Printer Support SystemProactive Support
We monitor your equipment and tell you when something needs to be done. Focus on your main responsibilities knowing you have
support behind you.

MYLP Printer Support SystemCustomized, Web-Based Control Center
We collect your fleet information and make it available to you in the easiest and most useful manner possible. By putting your equipment’s critical information in one place, the responsibility can be managed by one person, enterprise-wide.

MYLP Printer Support SystemLinked Transactions
MYLP’s system design begins with a customer’s printer. Therefore, all transactions are linked to individual printers. This eliminates labor, errors and provides maximum accountability.

* To get customers on track to save more quickly, toner purchasing engagement is measured on a 6 month, rolling calendar basis.
** Circuit boards, such as motherboards and formatters, as well as paper trays, are not covered by the MLYP service discount.

Download and print the MYLP System Description and System Benefits PDF.

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