“Don’t sign a contract unless you understand it as well or better than the person asking you to sign it.”
– Business Guru, Seth Godin

Contract Evaluations

MYLP will provide a detailed, comprehensive audit of your current or past managed print services contracts. The Customer Contract Evaluation is one of the most appreciated services. 

MYLP lives in We know the world of Cost Per Print and Managed Print Services Contracts with attached Leases.

Through our Evaluation, we will explain—clearly, simply and honestly—how to understand the terms of your MSP contract(s) and we will show you how to get the 5 critical pieces of information you need to know before committing to any deal.

This service is FREE, and there is no obligation to work with MYLP before or after this evaluation. If your current contract(s) is appropriate for your needs and we feel that no change is required, we will tell you. If we find that, due to the structure, format and/or associated fees of your contract(s), you can be better served by MYLP, we welcome the discussion and opportunity to improve your printer management.


Contact MYLP today to take advantage of our valuable Customer Contract Evaluations and Fleet Assessments.

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